Available only in Switzerland 

I’m currently  living in Chur, Switzerland. If you want to learn Spanish face-to-face, please contact us and we will arrange your timetable.

Group Classes

Customized classes adapted to your needs

To obtain good results, teachers must be able to motivate students. As an experienced Language Tutors, we can identify the most problematic areas of the student and we offer solutions in a positive and constructive way. We design our classes according to the needs of our students, emphasizing activities that build confidence.

You can choose between private lessons and classes for two people at the same level. A language course includes all material and one 55 minute lesson.

Face-to-face lessons

Single Lessons 

Through individual classes, our students can excel with personalized attention, patience, a lot of practice, and hard work. We make learning something fun through a series of entertaining and unique activities. Teaching is a skill, but good teaching is an art that few can master.

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